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I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy and the purpose of this blog is to record my experience of motherhood.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Horray - Sorley has started napping in his cradle during the day instead of me having to hold him all the time - gives me a little time to myself.

Hard to believe how big he's getting, he now recognises our constant visitors (like my mum!!) and gives them big smiles and coo's. He looks rather suspiciously at strangers except those with very smiley faces which he can't help but smile at!

Husband preached in church on Sunday morning, we stayed in for most of the sermon but baby started heckling his dad so I took him out for a feed! Everyone remarks on how good and content he is, we are so very lucky to have such a good baby. Someone told me that if you are calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy then you will have a calm and relaxed baby - I really think this is true.

Hard to think what I've been up to recently, the weeks seem to just disappear, I guess just the routine of baby stuff - he sleeps - then feeds - then plays - then sleeps... and so on, in between I do the usual housework . Though I've been doing at lot more cooking - got some fantastic recipes from the link on my blog, even made a delicious apple crumble for hubbie in attempt to cheer him up after Lenny. Most people but not everyone has been sympathic with the loss of our dog - those who have had to get a pet they loved put down know exactly how awful it is, I guess those who haven't just don't have a clue.

Back to baby massage tomorrow, I was the only mother in the class still breastfeeding. At first I had no idea how much breastfeeding would tie me down but I'm so glad I persevered - it's a really precious time between me and my baby.

I finally got my glasses - been needing them for ages, so here's me four-eyes and Sorley!

That's Sorley woken up after 45min nap, must go feed...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Anyone who has been following my blog knows how much I love my dogs. Well last week we had to get our large Russian Black Terrier Lenny (Lenin) put to sleep - he simply was getting too aggressive and we just can't risk it with our lovely wee boy. The kennel club said he was too aggressive to rehome so just had to take him to the vets and get put down. An awful experience for my husband and I - we really miss him. My husband has written an obituary to him on his blog here. It may sound a bit silly to non-dog people but our dogs are really part of our family.

Sorley and I went to baby massage class yesterday, he was amazed to watch all the other babies and even more amazed to hear them cry! I've been reading a few books on alternative education by A.S. Neill who opened a 'progressive' school called Summerhill where children govern themselves, any learning is 'self-directed' - they are not forced to go to lessons. The children are treated with respect and are on firstname terms with the teachers. I'm really interested in this style of parenting and teaching. The goal of the school is not academic acheivement (though most of the pupils do achieve very well) but happiness! The idea is that if you treat children with respect, love and give them freedom (after their initial rebellion) they will develop to their full individual potential happily.

My baby's 3 months old today and he is the cutiest, funniest little boy on the planet, though I may be biased! Hard to believe he's into his 3-6 month clothes now.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Busy busy couple of weeks, husband's had a cold so he's not been able to look after the wee one which means I've not had much free time. Sorley got his first immunisation jags last week poor thing, took a couple of days for him to recover but he survived. We had a bit of a worry - for a fortnight every one of his dirty nappies were green but he seemed otherwise fine - he was feeding fine on the fore and hind milk. After scouring the internet for possible causes chocolate came up. So poor me's had no chocolate for over a week and all his dirty nappies are back to a lovely yellow colour! Darn!
He's such a happy wee boy and hardly cries now apart from when he's got wind in which case he screams rather than cries! He smiles plenty and expresses when he's happy with 'coo' and 'aboo'!

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