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I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy and the purpose of this blog is to record my experience of motherhood.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just a quick post, all three of us have had the cold for the past week. Poor Sorley's had a bad cough, temperature, runny nose etc it's so sad to see my little boy struggling like that. Husband's had it quite bad also, now he's on antibiotics and had to start using an inhaler, I've got off lightly but not in the sleep department where I've been sitting up most nights with my boy trying to get him some sleep. Thankfully we're through the worst of it and all on the mend. I've glad my first experience of Sorley being ill with a temperature and the rest is now past, It's all a learning experience.
Some good news: yesterday my stepsister had a little boy and as I write this they are scouring the baby books for a name! Here's a pic of my cheeky boy before he got ill.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A day in the life...

Mmmm loving his baby rice for brekkie and is now onto pureed potatoe mixed with breast milk for dinner. There is no problem in getting this boy to eat, when he sees me mixing his bowl he kicks his legs madly in excitement.

My dad and stepmum bought him the baby walker, really he shouldn't be in it until he's 6 months but he's doing his best to sit up and stand unsupported and he shows zero inclination to crawl.

So I have him wedged in with a teddy so he doesn't flop over while trying to eat the buttons and his feet don't quite reach the ground, though he often leans to one side just enough to be able to tiptoe with one foot on the ground! He just loves it, esp trying to eat that rather tempting big nose belonging to mr giraffe.

My grandparents gave us the door swing and this Sorley loves above all else. He bounces non-stop on my lap and just adores the freedom to bounce in his swing. When he's in it I put up a gate to keep the dogs out the way and they are his permanent audience, He'll bounce away for ages just staring at the dogs, occasionally giving me a glance and laughing when I catch him looking at me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

When I came down from the Isle 'o Skye...

It's good to be home but what a wonderful holiday!
The first couple of days were rather cloudy but the weather soon cleared up and we got to see the spectacular scenery of the Isle of Skye. There are a lotto pics here, I hope you don't get bored ploughing through them! For some reason I can't get the slideshow on my blog so here's a link to the pics instead - photos

Also this last week Sorley has become a right character - he now has hyper moments where he giggles and kicks non-stop, there sure will be trouble when this boy gets on his feet! He also began to show the weaning signs so now at four-and-a-half-months I give him a jar of baby rice at night after his breastfeed. The NHS policy is to try to hold babies off weaning until six months but the health visitor says that she's never met a baby that's managed to wait that long. Sorley scoffed three quarters of the jar the first few nights and tonight he ate the lot and cried when it was all done. He just loves the organic baby rice, when I bring it out he goes nuts and squeals if I'm too slow in refilling his spoon!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Horray that's our holiday booked - next week we're off to Skye!
Here's a pic of the guest house we are staying in. It's not actually on Skye but a mere 15 mins away. What is special is that as you can see our accommodation is right next to Eilean Donan Castle; in fact I've booked the double room with the castle view. My husband has always wanted to visit Eilean Donan Castle because he has MacKenzie blood and it is a famous MacKenzie castle!

Below is a pic of the Isle of Skye, there is plenty for us to visit and I'm so looking forward to it. Especially since the weather has been fantastic and looks like it will continue into next week.
Our wee boy's first holiday! Here he is in his Nemo outfit that headless daddy bought for him!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Been a busy week. When Sorley got weighed last Tue he had only put on 2 ounces in a week so there was definately a problem with his weight, the health visitor said that if his weight didn't improve I'd have to move him onto formula milk. Feeling a bit upset and confused as to what was going on I was determined to get to the bottom of it before moving onto formula.

I thought he wasn't feeding well because he was teething, or wasn't hungry or that my milk supply had run out. So after trying to feed him I then expressed an absolute tonne so there was no problem with my supply, I then fed him the expressed milk in a bottle and he gobbled it down no problem as if he was starving.

To cut a long story short S is suffering from a bad case of reflux, I had been feeding with him lying down on a pillow since birth and after every feed he was bringing most of it back up. So now I simply feed him sitting upright and don't lie him down for about an hour after each feed.

So I've spent the last week non-stop feeding a very hungry boy and S has put on a whopping 8 ounces and it's so good to see him back to his happy wee self. It has been quite stressful, not knowing what was wrong with him and such a relief when, after much prayer, the answer revealed itself.

We've also been blessed this week: last month we had to scrap our car, done nothing but pour money we don't have into it for the last year and finally couldn't afford to keep up with the repairs. However this week a couple in our church gave us a fine working car for nothing which they've just paid to put through its MOT and on top of that they gave us a further £100 to get the car serviced to make sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. How amazing is that!

Hubby is on his hols at the moment and it's great having a helping hand about. With S doing well we're thinking about going away for a couple of days next week and see some of our lovely country!

Here's a pic of my healthy boy: I've been there and he's got the t-shirt!

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