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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trigger Happy Me with the Camera

Busy here as usual, hubby's away down south instucting on a tracking course so I'm on my lonesome, with my wee boy of course! Husband phoned the other night and I put the phone to Sorley's ear to listen to his daddy - big mistake, he was grumpy afterwards having heard his daddy who was nowhere to be seen.

Last week we went up to Glasgow for the River Festival. It was great fun though extremely busy, 85,000 people apparently . Here's a pic of the iconic SECC building also nicely reflected in the building behind.

There were tall ships, loads of boats - all free to go on board, a funfair and stalls lining both sides of the Clyde.

We were there with Sorley's God-parents, here's Kenny posing on one of the ships and this is Sheetal with Sorley.

Sorley and I spent the last couple of days staying at my dad's where we had a nice wee holiday. Sorley's play mat and toys travel with him everywhere he goes!

Here's a pic looking over to the Isle of Arran.

And the wee boy playing in the travel cot.

I entered Sorley in the local paper's bonny baby competition, his picture was in last week's paper, he managed to smile for the camera only when daddy did his giant chicken impression much to his embarrassment and the photograher's amusement!

Just finished reading Bear Grylls' account of his Everest ascent - a great read and very amusing. I didn't know until recently that he is a Christian, I loved his 'Born Survivor' television series and he even has a blog here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer of Fun

Went up to Glasgow yesterday, Sorley's first time on the train and the metro - he had a ball - loved the underground. Went to meet the Galgael community - a very interesting organisation/charity: -

"Galgael's work is preparing the ground for a pioneering community regeneration project. Using Govan's unique past as an inspiration, Galgael aims to unite the whole community in the construction of a timber Gaelic-Norse longhouse and a Scottish longship known as a Birlinn - the first to be built in Scotland for 100's of years. It was the longhouses depicted by Govan's 10thC Hogback tombstones that inspired the idea to build one".

Check out their website. This is just one of their many on-going projects which seek to bring people in the community together, teach them new and old skills and fundamentally give people on the outskirts of society a sense of purpose, achievement as well as the opportunity to learn a trade.

Here's my boys sleeping on the train, it was a rather long day. Sorley started to fade quickly in the evening so went off to his bed a little earlier than usual.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


So the wee boy's onto 3 meals a day and essentially eats what we're eating. This has resulted in nothing short of a revolution in husband's and I's eating habits. One of the main stresses for me in becoming a parent has been the responsibility of catering for this baby so that he gets the nourishment necessary to maintain healthy growth.
For the most part of the last decade I've lived mainly on junk food and although I made considerable effort during my pregnancy to make sure I was consuming all the 'right stuff' it tended to be a pick and mix of good foods throughout the day as opposed to 3 healthy square meals.

So for the first time in my life I have created a weekly meal planner. Trying to fit a variety of 5 fruit and veg into meal times every day is a little more complicated that it first appears.

However, in case anyone is interested (it is a baby blog after all!), here is a rough guide to my 7 month old's weekly diet:

breakfast alternates every other day between baby porridge and baby muesli with mashed banana or fresh strawberries or whatever other fruit is available.
Lunch - cauliflower cheese with buttered bread which does 2 days; tuna with peas and rice for 2 days, soup and bread for 2 days, and one of his favorites - avocado mashed with banana. All lunches are followed by a 2/3 fruit puree (i.e. banana, pear, kiwi).
Dinner - (which we all eat) chicken twice a week with brocolli and potatoes in varying sauces; oily fish (salmon / mackerel) once a week with peas, potatoes and cheese sauce; spaghetti bolognese twice a week; and stew with carrots, courgettes, onion, lentils with potatoes twice a week. Each meal is followed by baby yogurt or custard.

Of course I'm not going to stick to this exact menu every week but it is my standby guide for making sure Sorley gets his essential vitamins and minerals etc and it is a great stress relief for me to have such guide to work to.

Create your personalized map of europe

As seen on The Funny Bone - my pitiful amount of globe-trotting which up till now has been restricted to Europe.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Holidays

Husband's now on his holidays - he's a school teacher so this means a looong summer holiday! We've no specific holiday planned - all our money goes on baby stuff (literally) however we are saving up to go on holiday to Canada next year.
This summer we're going to do some day tripping instead and today we went to Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre. What a great day out.

Above - Sorley in the car on the way to Loch Lomond.

He got really excited looking at all the fish - Sorley I mean, not hubbie! Yip he's still wearing a bib wherever he goes - for the drooling.
There were otters, sea horses (which incidentally until I was around 16 years old I them believed to be mythic creatures - okay stop laughing), sharks and lots of colourful coral reef type fish that looked straight out of Finding I didn't take that pic it's from Finding Nemo.

Sorley had his first taste of slush puppy as daddy blew the ice into his mouth through a straw, we really are quite sad aren't we! There's mummy in the Giant Flounder, such a chore playing with all the kiddy stuff!

And of course the view (rather cloudy but was actually very warm) down Loch Lomond.

Picked up an Indian takeway meal on the way home and boy does Sorley love his garlic nan bread! Was saying to husband the other day that I can't actually remember the last time Sorley cried - I don't mean the 2 second waaaaaa when his dinner's done but real greetin crying. It really has been months, he's such a contented wee boy, we're very fortunate. Earlier this week he hit the seven month mark and still no teeth in sight so the peace and quiet may change when they start to come through!

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