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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And once again...

Okay I promise these are the last videos of spinning Sorley that I'll post!

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's awful watching the forest fires sweep through Greece, I can't believe that people would do this deliberately. I wonder if there are Classical Civilisation students travelling around the Peloponnese, as I did four years ago ( the subject of my Diary of a Classical Journey blog which I've still to finish typing up), getting caught up in the devastation. Thankfully the firefighters and volunteers managed to divert the fire and save the ancient site of Olympia though the number of deaths caused by this madness is, of course, the real tragedy.

This week, as the Community Outreach Team organiser for my church, I organised a stall at a local gala event to raise awareness of the fastest growing global crime - people trafficking i.e. the buying & selling of people around the world.

It's horrific to read the statistics and stories of human traffiking that goes on today. Here's a few stats: -

* 600,000-800,000 men, women and children trafficked across international borders each year. Approximately 80 per cent are women and girls. Up to 50% are minors. US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2005

* An estimated 1.2 million children trafficked each year. UNICEF UK Child Trafficking Information sheet, January 2003

* Trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are caught in the trap of slavery. Anti-Slavery

* Human trafficking is the third largest source of income for organised crime, exceeded only by arms and drugs trafficking. UN office on drugs and crime

We collected signatures for a petition against human traffiking that will be presented to the U.N. and national governments at the end of 2007 - if you want to add your name to the petition here's the link.

Now onto a lighter note.

A pic of the handmade oak chair with Sorley's name inlaid in brass.

Isn't it beautiful, a real family heirloom.

Pax is latin for peace, very appropriate as Sorley's middle-name - Solomon - means peace. Variations in the Hebrew include the Jewish greeting Shalom, and Jerusalem which in Hebrew is Yerushalayim - city of peace.

More of the boy on his swing - just to show that he really does wind it up by himself and then lets go into a spin!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have you ever seen a baby spin like this?!

Every night after dinner I put him in his door swing, put on some banjo music and off he goes! It's easily his favorite part of the day - he bounces for a while then winds up the swing only to let go and spin on one leg. It's hilarious to watch, it will be a sad day when he's too big for the swing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yep it's been a while! For two reasons: it's been a busy summer and I'm trying to spend less time in front of the computer.

Anyhow husband's back to work which means I can get back into my usual routine. Although having hubbie around the house should mean that I have more time it feels like I have less, the routine goes out the window and I always seem to be catching up on endless chores and never quite on target.

How Sorley's changed in the last month: wow where to begin, well he's now an adept crawler but doesn't really have an interest in crawling, it's a means to an end and the end is to reach a part of the room where there's an object he can grab hold of to pull himself up to standing position.

8 1/2 months old and since this boy's worked out how to stand up himself he barely spends anytime sitting, literally he stands all day. He's even started letting go of furniture, or what ever he's holding onto, to try and balance by himself for a couple of seconds. He's really not far off walking which is quite scary, have to seriously start thinking about baby proofing the house...argh!

Our livingroom's had a makeover - nice new tartan (yes tartan!) carpet and a new 2 seater couch. We've moved our large wall unit into the spare room to give Sorley more space to move around in the livingroom.

Today was a very special day - it was Sorley's Dedication at church. We Baptists don't do Christenings. To me, the choice of whether to be baptised or not has to be made by Sorley when he's old enough to make such a decision. So today was about myself and husband dedicating Sorley to God and promising to bring him up according to Christian teachings. It was a really nice service, loads of family come along which was lovely and then we had a buffet afterwards at one of the local Indian restaurants. Sorley had a whale of a time, fussed over by all the family and got to eat plenty garlic nan bread - his favorite food.

He got loads of lovely gifts which are all special but the most amazing gifts were those given by his God-parents. Kenny made him a beautiful solid oak chair which has his name inlaid on it in brass. I'll post a pic of it later as it's in the bedroom where Sorley's sleeping at the moment. Sheetal has written him a storybook in a beautiful hardback notebook and has filled the entire book with the story and drawings to illustrate. The amount of thought, work, skill, and love in both their gifts has taken my breath away. Sorley is a very fortunate little boy and I feel very blessed to have such good friends.

Still no teeth, but I can see the white lumps under his gums and he's very good at chewing food with his gums.

Okay picture time -

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