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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A New Decade

You may have noticed, if you have checked my profile in the last week, that I've now reached the grand old age of 30!!

Yep it was my birthday on Sunday, well actually it felt like my birthday all week-end. We went to Glasgow on Saturday and visited Kelvingrove art gallery and museum which I've not been to since they did it up. It's a stunning building and the wee boy loved running around the long halls looking at stuffed elephants, tigers etc. Here's some pics from the museum!

Then we had dinner at TGI Friday's which was fabulous and I has a champagne and raspberry cocktail, well it was my 30th!!

Then we went to a pantomime at the Kings Theatre

and saw this -

It was hilarious and Sorley was mesmorized all the way through it.
We stayed the night at a hotel literally minutes from the theatre.

The next day we shopped, walked around Glasgow and even got to hold a Golden Eagle!

It was a perfect birthday and I got lots of lovely pressies including a painting of Everest, a silver ring with 3 little diamonds, a drawing set with a wooden model figure, a set of pastels, a leather hat, a little silver hip-flask and money! I sure am spoiled!

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Big Day!

What a day, the wee boy was spoiled rotten!!

He had a great time, woke up to his trampoline, new books, clothes, money, a talking JoJo doll, activity table and a lovely large wooden bead frame! Then in the afternoon he got a bounce and spin zebra which he loves bouncing on (I'll get some pics to post up later), a toy hamster which runs madly in a plastic ball, a lovely wooden noah's ark with animals set, more clothes, and a ten shilling note which will be worth a pretty penny by the time he turns eighteen. I think thats everything he got!!

We made it an animal themed party and ordered a box of assorted animal noses that all guests had to wear - cruel I know!

I didn't actually take that many pics of the day because we had a video camera but here's a few -

The Night Before - daddy putting up the birthday decorations!

Sorley getting ready to bounce to the banjo music

Some party food

The Cake!

Reading his new book!

dad's got a dog's nose!

Quack Quack!

The grandparents, aunty and Sorley's wee cousin!

Birthday cards!

Sorley at the end of the day, shattered and eating mrs noah!

After Sorley went to bed hubby and I popped open a bottle of champagne that my sis-in-law brought over from Australia when I was pregnant with strict orders not to open until bubs 1st birthday - well we made it! Cheers sis!

We have survived
our first year of parenting!

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