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Saturday, January 26, 2008


You guessed it, the favorite word is 'no'! Not nah / nay / nih but the queen's english perfect no! When did this first come about? When asked non-stop for kisses by demanding grannys. Now the answer is the same whenever and whoever asks my son for a kiss. And if you don't take no for an answer and keep asking eventually your get a smack across the face as my mother found out!

The sleeping problem turned out to be just a blip and he's back to his usual 9pm-8.30am. Sorley's also made the change from 2 naps in the day (before lunch and before dinner) to one long nap in the afternoon.

Started taking him along to a local mums and tots group, the mums sat talking while the kids, mostly aged 2-3 year-olds whizzed about on scooter things. Sorley ran about after the older boys and while watching him I noticed that the son of the woman who runs the group was going up behind Sorley and hitting him on the back - this was going on in another room from where the mums were and I was standing in the doorway between both rooms. Perhaps I should have told the mother what her child was doing but after listening to her go on about being unable to control her son's temper tantrums I decided to deal with it myself. So I swiftly walked to where the children were, pointed my finger at the child in question and simply said 'oi, don't do that' in a strict tone accompanied by an evil eye. Well the child was sweetness and light towards Sorley and myself for the rest of our time.
Sorley was oblivious to it all and had a great time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Walking today with new wellies and reins!

To say Sorley enjoyed his new found freedom is an understatment! It was pretty cold outside so after about 20 mins I took him back home and he cried as if it was the end of the world so husband took him out for a while longer and brought him home when his wee legs could no longer hold him up.

The best part was watching him discover the joy of jumping in puddles!
I really want wellies now.

His first wellies

Sorley had a great time stomping around the garden with his wellies on. Tomorrow I think we'll take him for a proper walk down town now that I've found the reins, he's a hundred percent steady on his feet and has a huge amount of energy.

He had his MMR jag a couple of days ago which he coped with extremely well. I did extensive reading up beforehand because of the 'scare' and feel fully satisfied and comfortable about allowing him to have the jag.

check out the jammies!

Sorley's sleeping pattern hasn't quite recovered from the festive season and the last few nights he's been waking up at 3am, we bring him into bed and he plays, tosses and turns for 2-3 hours and eventually sleeps. We can't really go on like this so if he wakes up tonight and cries, it'll be heartbreaking, but we're not going to bring him into bed and hopefully he'll fall asleep fairly quickly in his cot. He still sleeps in our bedroom and can be hard to ignore when he stands in his cot and shouts MAM/DAD instead of the usual dada/mama! But I'm hoping he won't wake up.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How messy is your computer desk

Inspired by eipwek's before and after pic of her computer desk I've decided to come clean on the guddle of my computer desk which I've long since given up on keeping tidy as the perpetrator of this crime is not me, or Sorley...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The month of December was fun while it lasted but I'm glad it's all over - the trauma of birthday then birthday then wedding anniversary then Christmas then New Year was all getting a bit much for me and for the little boy also.
Husband's back to work tomorrow so everything will, at last, get back to normality.

I didn't take so many pics because we had borrowed a digital video camera over Christmas but here's some -

The presents being carefully guarded by Clyde...and these are just Sorley's!

The rocking horse

The sweets

The face he now pulls when I point a camera in his direction

Our lovely new furniture acquisition called a 'Monks bench' which solves our seating problem, doubles as a toy box and really takes up very little space in our living room

Who's a handsome boy then

We took Sorley out to the Christmas Eve midnight joint service with the local churches where he was an absolute angel, got him up at 9 on Christmas Day to open his presents and then went out to the Christmas day service in our own church where he was also an angel despite having not got to bed before 1.30 am the previous night. We spent Christmas at my mother's which was lovely.

What's new with Sorley? - he now says 'ta' and thinks that gives him a right to grab anything he wants, he shows a fit of temper when he doesn't get what he wants by jumping up and down and slapping my knee (I really have to try hard not to laugh it's so funny)! Ever since my dad told him off for pulling at the fireplace by saying 'ah ah ah' Sorley says it incessently, says it when he's doing something he knows he shouldn't which is quite handy when I'm not in the room so I know when he's up to mischief, he says it to me and his daddy when we don't do or give him something he wants.

His favorite food is still garlic bread and now it's also little pork sausages which he polishes off quite the thing.

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