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I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy and the purpose of this blog is to record my experience of motherhood.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look who dropped the nappy bin on his toe

and mummy just stands there taking pics!

Took Sorley to a different mums and toddlers group today and what a difference. I've discovered that the majority of the town's mothers take their kids to this group. There was loads of kids, many around Sorley's age and he had a great time. Everyone kept an eye on their own kid and there was very little in the way of mishaps. The people who run the group are friendly, everyone chats whilst watching the kids and there is even a singsong at the end for all. What a relief to find this group, I'm definitely joining it.

Sorley had a wee fall at my mum's yesterday on her driveway, the poor mite's face is scratched all down one side and my mum was pretty terrified about bringing him home to me! But he's okay. The clever boy can now blow his nose if I hold a tissue to it.

I'm thinking about going back to uni this year, the original plan was to have another baby then do a post-grad course at uni that will actually get me into a job. But thinking about it I really don't think we could afford for me to do another year at uni once we've had another kid. For the course I'm looking at I think I'd have to be at uni for two full days and two half days in the week which means I'd take Sorley up with me for the two half days and put him in the creche up there and for the two full days he'd spend the morning at childcare (my husband's cousin had just qualified for childcare) and the afternoon at my mum's until J could pick him up at 4pm. So sounds like a good option, just got to work out funding then apply for the course!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Day in the Life of...

It's been a while so I thought I better update and add some pics (especially for aunty Sheetal!!). Sorley has really grown up in this last month, he's been paddling on the beach, walking up the glen and climbing anywhere he can get to. Also mentally, this boy misses nothing!

He wakes up in the morning normally between 8 and 8.30am - here he is sleeping.

Breakfast time!
He used to eat weetabix happily but recently decided he doesn't like it anymore - he swats the spoon saying 'no' and I end up covered in it! Tried numerous other cereals and giving him dry cereal with a cup of milk but none of that worked. So now he eats toast with cream cheese (cream cheese is his favorite food at the moment) with a cup of milk and while his hands are busy with all that I shove spoonfulls of weetabix into his gob!

In the morning we head out in the pram walking the dog, shopping or going to the mums and toddlers group. There really are some right little thugs at that playgroup, every week he gets pushed over or another little boy deliberately blocking his way etc, it doesn't help that all the other boys are around 3 or going on 4 years old, and some of them are tall for their age. Of course I keep an eye on Sorley at all times and he does, for the most part, love running around and playing but he knows now that not everyone wants to be nice to him and I feel a little sad that he has to learn this so early on.

Lunchtime is normally sandwiches and sometimes soup as well, he'll eat banana, cream cheese or egg mayonnaise in his sandwiches and today I discovered he'll eat sliced ham also.

In the afternoon we play in the garden or go for a walk or go visiting. Walking on the forest path up the glen really helped Sorley's balance for walking outside so now he runs around our back garden quite the thing!

In the evening he runs around the house pulling everything out of everywhere, playing peek-a-boo behind his pram, or climbs all over the furniture in the living room. From the second this boy is awake he is never still for a moment. He really is so much fun and completely wears me out!

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