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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm pleased to report that his bum's back to normal - Sorley's that is!

And I've found the lead for my camera so here's some pics -


At 11:28 am, Anonymous sheetal said...

ohhh! soooo cute! =) I like the way the little snowman is looking up admiringly at its 'maker', and that Sorley is only slightly bigger. He's getting really blond now, little Dennis the mennis ;-)
give him a big hug from me!x

At 12:19 pm, Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Sorlil.. oh IM pleased Sorley's little bums better, There little mouth gets sooo sore he doesn't need a sore bum to go with it.Sorleys a little cutie al decked out in his winter clothes ready to play with the snowman...

At 11:29 am, Blogger Katya said...

What an awesome set of pictures! That snowman is so CUTE! I bet the little fellow was ecstatic about the snow...little ones usually don't like the cold "feel", but then get so carried away at the stuff they forget all about the cold!

Good news about the bottom...sometimes rashes get worse from certain foods eaten.

Hugs from across the ocean to one and all!

At 3:50 pm, Blogger HORIZON said...

Love the tiny wee footprints and love that pic with his daddy!
smiling here on a rainy day.

At 1:26 pm, Anonymous sheetal said...

you know that pic with Sorley's mouth open trying to catch the snow flakes is so wonderful, the little guy must think it's manna from heaven by the look on his face! =)

At 11:31 pm, Blogger Michael Manning said...

Hey Sorley! That IS good news!!!!

At 9:11 am, Blogger Unkempt Mommy said...

Aww - looks like he had a great time romping in the snow. He is such a little cutie!

At 3:31 pm, Blogger shug said...

Nice to see another Sorley. I note you mention St Conan's. Hope it was a bright day when you were there. I have to say the place would be my favourite location for some Gothic tale.


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