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Friday, March 07, 2008


Sorry I've not blogged in ages but I can't find the lead to transfer my pics from my camera to the computer. However here's a wee update, at last we had our day of snow in which Sorley and I even managed to build a snowman! He's teething at the moment and which is resulting in diarrhea and the worst nappy rash he's ever had, I hate seeing him in such discomfort but just using water instead of baby wipes, airing his bum a lot which means plenty of accidents for mummy to clean up. I tried egg whites suggested by someone at the mums and toddlers but his poor bum totally flared up again with it so it's just back to sudocrem.

To take his mind off it I took him on a wee trip across the water to Fun World which is a big indoor kids play centre, it was great, Sorley had a total ball of a time and I enjoyed it too. It was good taking him across on the ferry myself with the pram, it really wasn't that much trouble, plenty of people offered to help me carry the pram down the stairs etc. He had a good wander about on the ferry, when we got off Fun World is a 15 / 20 min walk along the promenade which gave Sorley a chance to fall asleep and work up energy for when we went in.

We've been invited to a wedding in a couple of weeks so I bought Sorley a wee kilt and shirt to wear, it's so cute and my mum is going to buy a wee waistcoat to go with it, hopefully by then I'll have found my camera lead and posts pics of the handsome wee boy.

I had a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday there, at the mums and toddlers they helped Sorley make me a card and gave all the mums mugs with creme eggs in them all wrapped up in pink which was really nice.

The wee rascal's now at the hair pulling and slapping stage when he gets really tired - mainly aimed at me, having read up on it it seems they all go through this. What I do is firmly say no and put him down or even walk out of the room which seems to work. What all the books say is nip it in the bud now when he thinks it funny and it's not really sore or when he gets bigger it'll be a nightmare to deal with!

Despite the sore bum, most of the time he's such good fun and makes me laugh all day.


At 2:02 am, Blogger Katya said...

It sounds like you and Sorley are having the times of your lives! Poor little sorry about the bottom. I hope you can find the lead for your camera...I so look forward to seeing him in his new duds! I am sure he will be so handsome, he will steal the show!

At 2:08 pm, Blogger HORIZON said...

Poor wee man- sorry to hear about the nappy rash. You're doing the best you can do aM. Glad you did the ball pit thing with him too. Was the weather good that day? l can't remember.
bests for now
hugs to wee Sorley from his aS.


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