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Saturday, May 03, 2008

In the last month Sorley's had a rotten cold, been canoeing for the first time and really come along leaps and bounds in his language skills.

He had a miserable time with the cold - fevers, hacking coughs, zero appetite and a permanently runny nose. Thankfully he's over it now, he's normally such a happy and good fun wee boy but in the midst of his cold the only thing that would stop him crying was his dummy and the Telly Tubbies - I kid you not. I limit his tv watching to first thing in the morning and he gets bored of the cartoons after a while but when he was ill, to keep the peace and to cheer him up as much as possible, the telly tubby dvd lived in our dvd player. Thankfully now he's well, the telly tubbies are well and truly back on the shelf and he's not reaching up crying for them!

So we got Sorley a life jacket and took him canoeing on Loch Eck which he seemed to enjoy. I sat at the front of the canoe with him sitting in front of me looking out into the water, he would chuck his plastic ball and we would canoe towards it and pick it up for him to throw it again!

About three weeks ago Sorley all of a sudden started saying recognisable words and I realised that he'd been trying to repeat the words I say after me but it only came out as babble before. So what does he say? Well some of his favorite new words are - a baw (a ball), more, appo (apple), yeah, hello, an extremely emphasised 'oh no' (which mummy said when he belted daddy's ornament off the floor!). He has also got the biggest frown possible which he gives me if I tell him off, and when I wag my finger at him saying 'naughty, naughty', he just laughs hysterically and wags his finger back at me!

It's hard to be angry with this little boy!

he was a poor wee soul when he was ill

a rather concerned look!

me and my mummy - sometimes when I'm in the kitchen he just stands at the baby gate shouting 'mum' and I shout back 'Sorley' to which he laughs hysterically - he's easily amused my baby is!

helping daddy out in the garden

not many places left sacred now!

enjoying his afternoon nap


At 5:32 pm, Anonymous sheetal said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! what happened to your 'baby'?!? He looks like he's ready for school, what a wonderful little boy, it must be so much fun for you now that he's talking. Oh dear, he won't remember me now, but give him a big cuddle from me in anycase!x

At 4:50 am, Blogger Katya said...

He is a real, live, living, breathing DOLL! What a sweet and INNOCENT face! I can jut see him giggling as you discipline him! Little boys are so much fun and they just love to wrap their moms around their fingers! The photo of Sorley on the office chair nearly had me in stitches...little boys can also CLIMB like MONKEYS!

The canoe trip sounds like so much could he enjoy life any more?

What a big boy he is becoming...

At 3:48 pm, Blogger Michael Manning said...

Sorley looks like such a fun little boy who reminds me of the curiosity I had as a Wee One! Feel better, Sorley!!! Colds are no fun at all. :)

At 11:52 pm, Blogger Snow White said...

love the pics he is a wee smasher, looks like he gets into everything now, oh the joys lol
xx shona

At 10:50 pm, Blogger Roxana said...

oh this is all so sweet and heart-warming here :-) and he is so cute!!!

At 7:19 am, Blogger Michael Manning said...

What a sweet guy! I used to receive wheelbarrow rides from my Dad too!


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